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Class Schedule - Underground Utilities

Underground Utilities

$695 full course $495 technical only


Full course includes unlimited attendance to any format course -- live classroom, live webinar, or recorded webinar; Q&A live webinar tutoring sessions; online and printed workbook with practice questions from each of the books on your exams; online learning modules; unlimited simulated exams.

Click here to see the lists of books/references required for these exams

Online Learning Center:

The Online Learning Center provides Exam Prep students with access to material utilizing the convenience and efficiency of the students internet connection. Attend seminars and Q&A sessions from the comfort of your own home, work, or anywhere with an internet connection through live or recorded webinars!
Note: Live CI Online Webinars require Adobe Flash Player! Check your system or Get Adobe Flash Player.


Business & Finance exam prep classes are live class/webinar as a full day, 2-part (AM/PM) seminar from our Hudson Campus (current students, log in to your Student Locker to access).
Question & Answer (Q&A) tutoring sessions are live webinar sessions with the instructor to get your questions answered or to review material you are struggling with.

Class/Webinar Simulcast Dates Time
Nov. 7, 2016 3pm - 5pm
Nov. 19, 2016 8am - 5pm
Nov. 21, 2016 3pm - 5pm
Dec. 5, 2016 8am - 5pm
Dec. 19, 2017 8am - 5pm
Jan. 7, 2017 8am - 5pm
Feb. 4, 2017 8am - 5pm
March 4, 2017 8am - 5pm
April 15, 2017 8am - 5pm
May 6, 2017 8am - 5pm
Jun. 3, 2017 8am - 5pm


Technical Class/ Webinar


Class/Webinar Simulcast Dates Time
Jan. 6, 2017 8am - 12am
Feb. 3, 2017 8am - 12am
March 3, 2016 8am - 12am
April 14, 2017 8am - 12am
May 5, 2017 8am - 12am
June 2, 2017 8am - 12am