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You don't need unnecessary seminars wasting your time! We focus on YOU passing YOUR contractor's exam --
our 95% pass rate proves it!   You could spend weeks in seminars or sitting in a room watching outdated video tapes -- but we teach only what is on the current contractors' exams, and will focus your studying to those subjects.
You will save time and money by joining the Contractors Institute!
NOW AVAILABLE: live simultaneous WEBINARS or recorded webinars via the Internet -
no need to travel to class at all!
Log in from your computer at home!



CLICK HERE to email for more information or call us at 1-877-542-3673 (FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS)

Our Exam Preparation is approved for VA vocational rehabilitation funding for classes, books and accessories required to take the exam. For more information on this call our office or contact your Vocational Rehab counselor.



The Contractors Institute uses state-of-the-art equipment to make the learning process easy! Our classes are taught with computer generated, animated presentations

NOW AVAILABLE.......EXAM PREP ONLINE CLASSES! These web-based interactive seminars give you access to our course right from your OWN computer in your OWN home!

Information about Upgrading or Grandfathering Your License

Student Testimonials: See what others are saying about our Exam Preparation course.
Testimonials are direct quotes from letters and emails we receive.


Florida State and County License Exam Preparation

We have instruction for the Florida state exam categories (see specific categories under class schedule for what's available for each category)

For County Exams:

  • Online Business & Law seminar and simulated practice test and home study guide
  • Live webinar instructional support sessions to get your questions answered
  • Home technical/trade study guide with telephone instructor support
For information, click on "County Exams" under the Class Schedule.

We're so sure that you'll pass, WE HAVE A LIFETIME GUARANTEE FOR TUITION!   With the Contractors Institute, your tuition is a one-time fee -- no matter how many times you need to take the course. You can take any or all of the classes/webinars available for your category as many times as you need to -- you are a student until you pass your exam!



Three Steps to Success

After you enroll in the Contractors Institute, your program will be organized into these steps to success:

Step 1 - Receive Materials & Do Preliminary Work

Receive student materials when you enroll, including your Student ID Card with your Username and Password (ID#) to your online Student Locker. Log in and listen to QuickStart audio detailing important test facts, test taking tips and strategies necessary to pass your contractor's examination the first time you take it. At this time you should also install the book tabs onto your books (instructions are included in your materials).



Step 2 - Complete your home/online learning activities

Use your Student ID to complete your online learning activities, which may include learning modules, highlighting sheets and timed practice tests (depending on what category your are testing for). Look up the answers to all your practice questions from your books and highlight your books based on your highlight sheets (if available) or the answers to the practice questions. Take your simulated practice tests when you have completed your practice questions.



Step 3 - Attend / Listen to Course

Attend or listen to a Seminar or Webinar for the exam you are studying for which will detail what you need to know to pass your exams and reviews important information you will need to pass yoru exam. You may attend the live classroom course, the live webinar, or view recorded webinars as often as necessary to pass your exams.

Having trouble with something in the course of your studying! Twice a month, we offer live webinar "Q&A" sesesions with an instructor to help you get through solving those difficult questions... OR... as always, telephone instructional support is included free of charge!


That's it! - Now Take and Pass Your Examination!


Remember, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail" -- We will provide you with the necessary tools to successfully complete your exam -- that's our guarantee! If you do not pass your test (or portions of your test) you may continue to attend our seminars/webinars. We will NEVER ask that you pay any more tuition!


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