Florida Exam Preparation

Exam Prep Introduction

Steps to Success

Step 1 - Receive Materials and Book Tabs

Receive student materials when you enroll and install the book tabs onto your books (instructions are included in your materials).

Step 2 - Complete your Home/Online Learning Activities

Use your Student ID to access your online learning activities, which include learning modules, highlighting sheets, practice questions for each book and timed practice exam. Look up the answers to all your practice questions from your books and highlight your books based on your highlight sheets (if available) or the answers to the practice questions. Take your simulated practice tests when you have completed your practice questions. If you need technical assistance, please call us during regular business hours toll-free at 1-877-LICENSE (542-3673) and ask to speak with an instructor!

Step 3 - Take and Pass your Examination!

Remember, "failing to prepare is preparing to fail". We will provide you with the necessary tools to successfully complete your exam -- that's our guarantee! If you do not pass your test (or portions of your test) you may continue to attend our seminars/webinars. We will NEVER ask that you pay any more tuition!


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