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Our Staff

Our first and most important job is student support…


Robert J. Koning  – Director / Instructor / Student Support
R.J. Koning holds many state contractor certifications and has acquired a genuine working knowledge of all aspects of the construction industry. He began teaching exam prep to contractors in 1986 and since 1994, when continuing education became mandatory for license renewal he has personally instructed more than 375 seminars throughout the state. In doing so, he has personally worked with more than 30,000 contractors in fulfilling their continuing education requirements.

Richard Elzey – Senior Instructor / Director of Online Services / Student Support
Richard holds a Certified General Contractors license, Swimming Pool License, Home Inspectors, Mold Remediators, and Mold Assesors license. He has been teaching with the school for over 25 years, and many years working in the construction industry. Richard teaches both examination preparation and continuing education classes around the state, as well as the Home Inspectors, Red Cross First Aid / CPR / AED , and Is our lead instructor for the EPA RRP Certification course. Richard also teaches our Georgia CE classes. In addition to his teaching duties he coordinates our web sites and the is Directors of Online Services.

Jeffery Hyde – Instructor / Course Development / Student Support
Jeff is well-known for his attention to structural design, code knowledge and technical detail. He is a true craftsman with more than 20 years of industry related experience, knowledge and skill, with the natural ability and genuine commitment to teaching and communicating with other industry professionals.

Fred Spence – Electrical Instructor / Student Support
A seasoned electrical instructor and state certified electrical contractor, Fred has been away the past year working as a flight instructor for C-130 cargo planes. He’s “home” again and happy to working with our electrical exam prep and continuing education students. Fred welcomes your questions, comments and suggestions.

Mike Plummer – A/C, Mechanical Instructor / Student Support
Mike teaches A/C and Mechanical contractor exam prep. As a practicing certified air conditioning contractor and class 1 energy rater, Mike stays very active in the industry. He also instructs at PTEC Vocational School working with the RACCA Apprenticeship program.

Brian Trumble – Solar and BPI Instructor / Student Support
Brian is a new member of our staff teaching our Solar and BPI (Building Performance Institute) BDT (Blower Door Testing) courses. Brian also helps maintain our online courses and handles special engagement classes and testing, as well as taking phone calls from and assisting students!

Administrative Staff

Rhonda Koning – Director / Manager / Student Support
As a certified building and roofing contractor with an educational background in business, Rhonda has the field knowledge and education that gives her the edge in understanding the practical business needs of the industry. Her key role is that of managing director for the school, library and business services and she instructs classroom and internet courses. Rhonda works hard to ensure that the Contractors Institute maintains its position as the leading provider of industry related business and educational services.

Sam Misemer – IT Director  
Sam oversees all of Contractors Institute’s technology needs. He maintains and manages all of our systems, oversees all network operations and makes sure we are always online.

Christopher Mondor – IT Systems Administrator  
Chris focuses on our network security and online presence such as our LMS (Learning Management System) and online store.

Zada Roy – Library Comptroller, Student Support, Bookstore Manager
As bookstore manager and library comptroller, Zada is the key person to contact for locating hard-to-find industry publications, or to solve any problems with orders. She has over seven years of experience working with our students.

Gail Miller – Student Support
Gail assists with coordinating events, classes and helps students with questions and orders. Gail also handles books orders and shipping, and anything else we need!

Brenda Cieszka – Scheduling Assistant / Student Support
Brenda assists with coordinating instructor schedules and helps students with questions and orders. Both Brenda and Cheryl work part time helping students and the instructors!

Cheryl Fausak – Scheduling Assistant / Student Support
Cheryl assists with coordinating instructor schedules and helps students with questions and orders. Both Cheryl and Brenda work part time helping students and the instructors!

Tina Gignac – Online Support Specialist
Tina is the online support specialist — if you have questions about your online continuing education or your hours that posted with the state, she’s the one you call! She also assists with general student support.

Allison Mercer – Bookkeeper and Student Support
Allison is our bookkeeper and helps manage our money. She has been with the Institute for nearly three years. She also assists with student support.

Tonia Randle – Contractor Business Services Manager
Tonia manages all services to our clients who wish to activate their new licenses, change the status of their current licenses, or any of the many other business services . Call her for a quote!

Nichole Russo – Contractor Business Services 
Nichole assists and offers all services to our clients who wish to activate their new licenses, change the status of their current licenses, or any of our many other business services . Call for a quote!

Tony Mize -Facilities Manager
Tony is our all-around “handyman” and is in charge of maintenance and grounds work at our learning center facilities.

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