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Florida Endorsement/Reciprocation

Florida has specific categories of licenses for which you may apply for substantially equivalent licenses in Florida without testing (aka “Endorsement”).  In order to qualify for certification by endorsement, you must have tested and hold an active license from one of the reciprocating states/categories below at least 10 years or within 2 years after such license was last active.  Unless you are using the NASCLA license, you would just apply to the state for endorsement and you will qualify for certification (instead of testing and applying with your experience). 

The CILB (Construction Industry Licensing Board) currently has reciprocal licensing agreements with the following states with these limited licenses:

Louisiana – General, Building, and Residential licenses
North Carolina – General, Building, and Residential licenses
Mississippi – General, Building, and Residential licenses
California – General, Building, Solar licenses
Georgia – Pollutant Storage license
*NASCLA General/Builder Contractor (2009 or later) *applicants must take and pass the Florida Business & Finance exam

The ECLB (Electrical Contractor Licensing Board) has a specific list they publish for which categories from which states you may endorse with: 

Click to access 10-year_endorsement.pdf

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